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Year 4 Day 87- Welcome back…Captain

by admin on January 8th, 2007

Happy New Year to everyone. I can say my time off was needed, and went very well. I’m moving this weekend. My homelife is once again regaining stability. It’s just my job to keep it going. Now that my life outside school is once again regaining some degree of sanity, I’m going to fe-focus on really getting the best out of the art kids…some of which are under-performing.

Today went well for a first day back. Many of the kids were a bit reluctant to actually work, but they did, without much grumbling. I was told today that I’ll be picthing tomorrow night in the softball game. This is a task I am capable of, but not fond of. I’ve pitched before, but not in 4 years. If I’m able to hit the plate, then I’ll stick it out, if not, I’m moving myself somewhere else.

Next week we start basketball practice. I’m thinking I won’t be able to play this year. Last year was my one shot…and it was fun. I’ll have a good team this year. We’ve got a couple of kids from Oakland who heard we had a basketball team, but couldn’t grasp the traditional high school setting, they’ve come here to “learn” and play ball. It’ll be fun winning this year.

I just got the news that I am the teacher of the year for our school. I didn’t even vote for myself this year. How bizarre is that…I went from totally wanting to leave here, and retire…to being teacher of the year. We’ll see if I win the district level award. That’s where the trophy comes into play. That’d be nice. I do, in all honesty, do quite a bit around this school…coaching, playing softball, art competitions, grant workshops, etc…so knowing how lame I was 4 years ago, isn’t the case anymore.

But now, I feel like I need to work a little harder…

Too bad there is not cash involved.

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