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Year 4 Day 82- Blast you technology…

by admin on January 26th, 2007

I hate our attendance program. Hate it. It’s not even a mild, that program is quirky, and annoying’s flat out hate. I mark people absent then it marks them as present, then I get scolded for marking kids here who are not…even though I didn’t. I understand the issue with auditing and what not…but it seems every day I get told I marked someone here who was not.

But I did.

The program also runs a gradebook, which is never updated correctly, or promptly. We’re supposed to have our grades online, for parents to view…but the program never has worked right yet, so I can’t do that…it’s a pain. We were also going to have picture attendance, so we could SEE who was here and not here. (This is handy when you’re learning new students faces) We never got that.

I hate our attendance program.

I’m covering a class today as well. I hate that too. Sure, I get a comp period for it, but this is MY time…MY relaxing period to get stuff done…prepare myself…and frankly, one comp period isn’t worth it…I’m doing it…not because I like it, but because I’m too stupid to say no.

I still just do what I would normally do, but the problem is that I have 20 kids bugging me, who aren’t even technically my responsibility. It’s a pain.

One kid and I had this conversation regarding his artwork.

[Jerry Garcia] How’s this look?
[Captain] Great, except for the pot leaf…you gotta take that out.
[Jerry Garcia] It’s NOT a pot leaf, it’s a palm leaf…
[Captain] Dude, I’m not dumb…you can’t have a pot leaf in your project.
[Jerry Garcia] why what’s wrong with it?
[Captain] Uhm technically nothing, it’s a well drawn pot leaf…but it’s a pot leaf, and it’s a drug reference, so, no.
[Jerry Garcia] No it’s not a drug reference…
[Captain] Go show the principal, see what he says…
[Jerry Garcia] Ok..if he says I can keep it, can I?
[Captain] Seriously, don’t show him…it’ll be a bad idea.
[Jerry Garcia] Why, he’d say no?
[Captain] Uhm, he’d say no faster than me…


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