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Year 4 Day 101- Eat me finger shader…

by admin on January 31st, 2007

Well as i suspected…dude was a finger shader. In comparing the works (thus far) between plagerized shading and new shading…A) The styles are not the same…even though the kid, to his credit has tried REALLY hard to convinvce me the piece was his…he finger shaded. It puts a unique smudge on art that can’t be undone…PLUS the fact he kept asking everyone if “this was right?” let’s me know, he had no idea…whomever shaded the other piece KNEW what was right.

He knows, because he teaches the class.

My evaluation went fine I thought. I covered a lot of material. The kids participated, and even, behaved…which was good. A couple kids I didn’t want to show up, were sick. It was good times. I think in critique of myself…I’d say I talked a little too much…maybe was a little repetitive at times, and perhaps, could have asked a few more audience participation type questions…

I think it went well.

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