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Year 4 Day 100- Notes.

by admin on January 30th, 2007

Evaluation day is tomorrow. Needless to say, I’m not terribly thrilled. I’ve gotten everything ready, but, you know, whatever I do it’s never enough. Teachers always get evaluated… but by the nature of the beast, the evaluator is there to find things to improve on. They never come in and say… ,AeuHey, that was awesome… I really had fun today, thanks.,Aeu

It’s more like, “Hey, That was good, BUT, you should call people by their gang names, instead of their real names, it’d make the students more comfortable. You should also refer to it as Leppard, not DEF Leppard… the kids all know Leppard is more rock n’ roll.,Aeu

In other words, the reviews get picky. One of our teachers said one of her critiques was that she asked the student a question with that students name first, rather than ask the question, than ask the student. It made the too uncomfortable. My observable conclusion is that any student (like all the ones here) comfortable enough to drop F-bombs in class, isn’t gong to be afraid of being asked a question. I’ll be curious to see the areas I get picked on.

I’ve tried to incorporate the critiques I’ve heard of other teachers into my own plan… so as to eliminate the problems before hand.

We all know, though, I hate evaluations. Having people not familiar with your subject matter, or that have totally different personality styles evaluate you is simply moronic. When someone who is an analytical person by nature evaluates someone who is more expressive by nature… there will be problems. Analytical people are very organized, and everything needs to be in a place, with a label. Me… things just need to be in a pile, where I know what is in that pile. I can organize my desk, but turn it back into a disaster within 5 minutes. Clutter makes analytical people crazy. I know I was raised by one. My mother would see my desk at work and have heart failure.

Thankfully, I have a TA who is analytical by nature, so she’s organized my room accordingly. I have no idea where anything IS, but it looks nice… which should please my principal.

I spent today making copies of everything I’ll need for tomorrow. I hate having to write-out lesson plans. The only time teachers ever write out detailed lesson plans is A) When they’re student teaching, or B) When they’re getting evaluated. Sub-lesson plans are sketchy, at best.

If any administrators read this… don’t ask for one… it’s a lame idea. Every teacher knows what they’re doing for at least a week. I know, in my head (which is capable of storing though) What I need to do. I incorporate different activities, relevant to the topic at hand… and we proceed through the material.

Again, analytical people need maps. They need an itinerary. Everything must be listed as it’s going to be dealt with, and discussed… this is why principals give out “agendas,Aeu at staff meetings. Analytical people kill me.

I’m trying to create a movement in our school/district where we get to evaluate our principals every year, nothing overly formal. Nothing but us doing the same things to them they do to us… I wonder if they’d behave a little differently knowing we’d be writing up a yearly review and submitting it to the school board? There’s nothing to say we can’t. I just think turnabout is indeed fair play.

I’m sure that they would have similar complaints. “WHAT? How is a teacher going to evaluate me on budgeting? They don’t do my budget? How are they going to tell me how I interact with leadership from other schools? That’s not something they do in their job?,Aeu

Other jobs are evaluated on productivity… nobody follows the burrito dude around at T-Bell all day. “Let’s see… .well you’re bean application is suspect…but uhm…I noticed you washed only 4 of the 5 fingers on your left hand, we’ll need to improve on that…but sauce application was nice…even…very well done.”

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