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Year 4 Day 86- Til Next Year

by admin on December 22nd, 2006

I was out two days with a sinus cold. I told you all playing in that softball game would be the end of me. I janked up on sinus meds before playing, which did a fine job of numbing the pain…for 2 hours. Then that evening I felt like a train full of meat had exploded in my head. My right ear was plugged, and threw my balance head was throbbing, in the front and rear…and I ached all over.

The game itself was fine. I played. Not that well…but I played. 1-4 2 RBI..not great, but about average for our team. We had to recruit two players, because the majority of our team decided it was too damn cold to play. One of our recruits played AAA baseball. I must say…watching someone THAT good play really lets you know how bad you are…there’s a different league, and I’m nowhere near close to being in that.

Here’s a few highlights from our superstar’s brief stint with out team.
First inning…diving catch in center field. I’d have broken my wrist in 46 places if I tried to make that grab, either that, or I would have tried a slide catch, and taken the ball in the jewels.
2nd inning…ball hit DEEP over his head…he turned, caught up to the ball, whcih amazed everyone. Caught it like Willie Mays, then turned and fired a one-hopper to me at first to double up the guy.
3rd inning..almost picked a guy off trying to ‘tag-up’ except our Principal dropped the ball…it was PERFECTLY thrown.
6th inning…tells myself and the batter in front of me. ‘Get on, I’m going to jack this one.’
We both promptly fly out, and he hits one harder than I’ve ever seen a ball hit in my life. I think it cracked the board it hit. He held up his part of the deal.

Our principal took a line shot off the gut. That was slightly entertaining…I guess it hurt a lot. The ball went from full force-to stomach-directly to the ground.


I’m not sure why I am here today…99% of the kids are either making gingerbread houses next door, or finishing movies. I’ve had 1 kid every period so far. My day has been spent reading news, eating almond roca, and drinking coffee.

They’re even clearing out the desks for floor polishing next week. I guess my week is going to end peacefully. My substitutes were horrible I gather. The one yesterday, who looked like Santa Claus, which is why I got him…just let kids wander. He’s never allowed back either.

Way to go Kris Kringle.

On that note, I’ll sign off for this year, Hoping all you and your family have a great Christmas…and remember the true meaning of Christmas…be safe, stay away from the nog if you’re driving….and if you’re headed east to do a little yule-tide gambling…remember, ‘KNOW WHEN THE FUN STOPS.’

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