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Year 4 Day 82- Sick

by admin on December 18th, 2006

I’m sick. It’s the first real cold I’ve had this year that felt like it was going to hang on past the day. This one may last a few days. Add to it the fact we have a game tomorrow evening, and I may be sick longer.

I need Theraflu. The stuff tastes like a foot dipped in gasoline, but somehow it has medicinal properties that give you a peyote-esque evening of slumber, followed by miracle healing.

I feel like I have a head full of sausage.

One of our staff members is insane. They subscribe to every tabloid in the world, and bring them into the men’s room for all to read. It’s bizarre. Star, People, etc…all of them. When I’m fortunate enough to need to drop a deuce I get to catch up on all my Hollywood goings on. I guess Brittany Spears had her cooter caught on camera. I don’t really care, but it’s news, I guess. When you’re so damned famous that people are just looking for you to see if you forgot your drawers, then photographing it….I can’t even imagine. What do her parents think?

“Uhm, dear…I saw your gaucho in the Star this morning…your father is a bit concerned about going into work.’

I think if I was flopping my roscoe around and someone took a picture of it, I’m not postive, but suspect my mom would kill me…

She has kids now…someday one of their classmates is going to call them on this, “Mah dad gots pictures of your mama’s cha-cha…”

I’m betting money that this becomes a topic of conversation in one of my classes this week…for sure.

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