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Year 4 Day 81- A mighty wind…

by admin on December 15th, 2006

Due to the fact I’ve eaten Chili for the past 2 days…my personal space has been violated by foulness all day…and considering, I’ve avoided letting loose during class, things get violent after school lets out.

I’m glad it’s Friday. Not that I have exceptional plans this weekend, but I am thankful I’ll be at home…and not here. It was a decent week, but for whatever reason, when it nears Christmas break, the last 5 days are hard to get by.

It’s also survival Friday on Discovery channel. AWESOME. It’s the best 2 hours of television ever. Bear Grylls followed by I shouldn’t Be Alive…what more could someone ask for. I’m pulling for the climbers on Mt. Hood. They might be on ISBA next year if they’re not dead. GO CLIMBERS GO!!!

I saw that a puppy chewed of a babies toes. That’s just not right. Now someone wants to adopt the puppy. I was wondering if it were someone here. It CHEWED OFF a babies toes. Puppies chew, I understand that…but who wasn’t paying attention, I mean…I’ve had puppies…and yeah, they’ve chewed some crap up, but a babies toes?


I’ll research this more, and find out how it went down, but it intrigues me.

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