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Year 4 Day 80- The wheels on the bus…

by admin on December 14th, 2006

Well it’s always nice when a fellow teacher throws you under the bus. Such was the case Monday. While I was learning how to drum, and how PE cured cancer, one of my co-workers was throwing me under the bus. Last Friday I had suggested we make a list, by teacher of the students we had difficulties with. The idea behind this list was to show that certain kids are problems in more than one class. Our Admin. is a big pusher of the theory, ‘If a student isn’t working, you just need to try harder to engage them.” In other words, it’s a teacher problem, not a kid problem.

If there is a kid having a problem with 1 particular teacher, and he’s doing well in all his other classes, then yea…it might be a teacher thing…but if the kid is having problems in 4 of his 5 classes, and the only one he’s doing well in is PE (It’s a life saver, that PE) Then it’s a kid problem…not a teacher problem.

My thinking behind ‘the list’ was to find those students who have difficulties in all their classes, and then we could try and figure out how to find a more successful place for them to learn. I also thought that if there happened to be one teacher who got a long with a kid, and they were the only one who did…then maybe that kid should spend the entire day in that teacher’s class…and get the work from the other teachers and bring it in. A novel idea, I know…having a student stay with the teacher they get along with.

From what I gathered, the way my list came across at the faculty meeting in the morning, made it sound like some secret attempt to prove our admin. was inept. “It didn’t go over real well.” one teacher told me.

I haven’t been informed of anything from the admin. yet, but I’m curious.

It’s time to vote teacher of the year again. I usually vote for myself, because, like I’ve said, I never get to see anyone else teach BUT me…so who else could I vote for. I didn’t vote for myself this year.

I just wrote a nasty little note on the ballot. “Please let the kids vote, they actually see us teach.”

Who know what will come of that…but I’m sick of being asked to vote.

I was going to write in ‘Yo Mama.’ I figured it was a little mean.

We had a picket fest last night at the board meeting. I can’t include myself in the ‘we’ but there was some picketing going on. At the last board meeting, one of the board members made the comment that ‘comparing our district salaries to other district salaries was like comparing apples and oranges.’ When they’ve given raises to district office workers, to be like other districts. I said that they should leave a festive gift basket on the board room table with apples and oranges in it…and 1 crab apple. Well, they did. I had to listen to my co-workers applaud my idea in front of the admin. Nice. I got thrown under the bus twice in one week.

Five more days until vacation…I’m taking next Thursday off. I have other obligations.

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