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Year 4 Day 77- Blood Diamonds

by admin on December 12th, 2006

Not that I’m into conflict diamonds or anything…I don’t buy conflict diamonds…or any diamonds for that matter. I just think they’re funny.

I saw in the news today a small boy kicked a hawk that was trying to take his puppy. Whne kids are kicking hawks…we’re entering critical times.

yesterday was in-service day. I didn’t like it. I thought it was going to be productive, and we’d do some articulation for the arts between all the levels. Nope.

We started by watching an hour long presentation on PE. That was super. I finally got to see the man who was behind our monthly exercise plans that get put in with our paychecks. I think his whole power point was copied from another website. I can’t be sure, but it didn’t seem original. It was an hour of bullets that related to PE statistics. “Kids who take more PE have higher test scores.” “Kids who take PE aren’t gonna get sick as much.” HE even went as far to hypothesize that if kids were all janked up on PE, they could get off their medications, and that they wouldn’t get a lot of diseases.

This man also knows how many calories per hour it bunrs when you bundle up a child. How big is your child is my first question? Maybe he bundles up everyone’s children? I was perplexed. This guy seemed like one of those sketch comedy football coaches, who try and explain things that are way too complex for them to understand…and just tries to cover it up with laughing at his own jokes, and moving quickly through the slides. Someone tried to call him out on his theory that PE would suffice in place of pills…and his response sounded like he was announcing a tractor pull, rather than giving us the low-down on PE’s place in the world.

After this medical marvel was finished, we got to go to a room that had a constant ring in it…like the kind you get in your ears after a loud concert. There we took pieces of toilet paper, and for each sheet we took, we needed to say one thing about ourselves. I took one sheet. I haad played THAT game before. I said my name…and was done. The meetings accomplished nothing. We broke up into groups for our own schools, and set out creating our own plan…which did nothing for creating a ‘district plan’ or articulating anything. YAY for unproductive in-service days. Even when I’m suckered into thinking they might be worthwhile, they always find a way to destroy them.

9 more work days until we get to go away for Christmas. I think I can make it. If it gets too difficult, I’m kicking a hawk in the face.

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    ‘We begun the day’ ?????

    Sounds like that inservice could have put to good use on instruction about proper grammar!

  2. Paco permalink

    “Sounds like that inservice could have put to good use…”

    Maybe The Gambler should have gone to the grammar inservice too.

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