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Year 4 Day 73- Wrap it up.

by admin on December 4th, 2006

I wanted to write on Friday, and I forgot… I thought I had something important to write. I forgot what it was, so apparently it wasn’t THAT important. We had no meeting today, which was nice. I enjoy the afternoon freedom.

Tomorrow I will be at another visual and performing arts meeting all day. It’s not in quite the excellent place as the last meeting, but I will be glad to not be here, and to have coffee provided. I’m easy that way.

I’m hoping our lunch will be something other than the cold-sandwich copout. I’m sick of places just throwing a deli tray and some rolls out, and claiming,’lunch is provided.’

All my classes are still great, with the exception of the one. They’re better, considering they’re in a seating chart. It’s just too big of a class to accomplish anything. Not enough books. Add to it the fact that I have 3 or 4 kids who don’t care, and really don’t want to try. It makes for a very awesome hour of education. I feel for the substitutes… I can’t imagine how brutal they are on guests.

Awhile back I discussed a student who tried to cheat by turning in another students work. The problem being that A) I knew it wasn’t his, and B) It was already graded. We had a meeting last week to discuss his progress. He’s in a special program. It’s called a’wrap-around’ program… .don’t even mistakenly call it a reach around program. It’s funnier though. I wanted the entire staff to do that, but nobody was willing.

The kid was given this special opportunity, to try life in this type of school setting rather than be sent into a wilderness survival program. His family had apparently, gotten on the straight and narrow… and we were, with the help of many government agencies, going to help him get back on the right track.

The representatives from his agencies swore they were holding him accountable, and would deal with any and all issues concerning him. When they heard he wasn’t acting right, and was caught cheating they claimed they would deal with him. One member of our staff who worked with groups like this in his prior career, told us they were a’joke’ I could tell. It appears these people had the right idea in mind, and they’re hearts were in the right place… there were just way too many agencies involved, and trying to communicate effectively between all of them was obviously an issue. Watching the body language of the two reps. that showed up was funny. They seemed genuinely shocked the kid wasn’t doing well. They made the same faces president Bush makes when asked about Iraq.

From what I’ve heard that night they went to tell the kid he had not been living up to his contract, he had just finished assaulting someone however… so they had to arrest him instead. He’s now out of the program, and on his way to the wilderness. Today I heard someone either IN or related to the family was arrested for shaking a baby to death. That’s putting your best foot forward. I guess they weren’t getting any better either.

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