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Year 4 Day cha cha cha

by admin on November 30th, 2006

Today a seating chart was implemented in my 4th period class. That class is up there with the all time worst ever. Not only are they mostly all failing, but they really don’t seem to mind that they are. I was at a conference yesterday (more on that soon) and as I suspected my classes were all well behaved, with the exception of that one. I’ve had it. I got one kicked out for the session, and I put the rest in a seating chart. They were not happy. I don’t care. I’ll tell you what though… the seating chart is a powerful tool seldom used any more (well at least by me) The smart kids, pay attention regardless of where they sit… .granted, I feel bad for sticking them next to someone who doesn’t care, but they adapt. I sat the biggest mouth right in front by me, and his first words were offensive, and he asked to leave… he never returned. The class was pretty well behaved today… I like the seating chart.

My TA returned from parts unknown, and cleaned my room, and photocopied my paperwork for me… so that was nice.

Like I said, I was in a conference-thing yesterday. The state is getting 105 Million for the arts, and I was there to help spend it for our district. The state is also receiving 500 million for arts and PE. (I’m not sure how the two relate, but hey, it’s money) The funny part is that our district never told us this money was going to come our way. We found out through another district, and then pleaded to be included in the discussions on this funding. I bet 80% of it would have been used to put turf on a football field.

One of the other art teachers in the meeting told me she had me for a student teacher, so that made me feel elderly. There’s nothing quite like that to start off a conference. I showed up an hour early, like a moron… I even got lost and was an hour early. They had free coffee and juice though, and that’s good times no matter what. I got to see my old art teacher at the meeting, which was a lot of fun… he’s always good to make me feel important.

I volunteered to be a leader for the VAPA program in our district. I’m not sure what this will include, but I’m hopeful money and travel are involved.

My paycheck today was over $240 less than it was last month… THANKS INSURANCE!!! I love the holidays, and poverty. I’m actually shopping goodwill stores for legos for my kids. You gotta love our educational system. Granted, part of my poverty is related to my other life issues, but still… I wasn’t really raking it in prior to them either.

Some kid called me an’a$$hole’ today, and I caught her. It’s always fun to catch them hating you, and then torture them for it.

[Mouth] Can I borrow a pencil
[Captain] No.
[Mouth] Why’
[Captain] Cuz I’m an a-hole.
[Mouth] huh?
[Captain] You said it, not me… I’m just living up to my expectations.

We lost our game on Tuesday in the frigid winter conditions. I had the ugliest 3-4 4RBI game imaginable. Our defense is crappy, and that’s being nice. I think we had 8 throwing errors… .in one inning.

The National Art Education conference is in NYC this year… I’m going to “try,Aeu and go. It could be a great day for OCMC and running conference journals everywhere if I do.

Taking the Captain to the Big Apple… .man, I’m getting teary eyed thinking about it…

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