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Year 4 Day 68- Welcome Back

by admin on November 27th, 2006

Coming back from the holidays is always tough. Having an entire week to sit and relax makes for a difficult venture come Monday morning. One nice thing about being a parent is kids allow me to have grown accustom to waking early. When the alarm went off at 6ish this morning, I wasn’t too mad.

We’ve hit the quick part of the year. Week off for Thanksgiving… two weeks back, two weeks off for Christmas, then come the barrage of 3 day weekends, and then March.
March is a desperate time of year, with no holidays. I’m forced to create my own.

I was happy to see it took the kids almost no time to get right back into the swing of being unproductive. They’re a special breed. It’s funny to see the kids look at you like,’how dare you have the audacity to ask me to work.’

Whenever I get on someone’s case for not working, they’ll inevitably assume I don’t like them. Today I had that happen.

[Sad clown] Hey, Captain, you hate me huh?
[Captain] No
[Sad Clown] Well you don’t like me do you?
[Captain] No.

Let’s get something straight. If you’re a student out there, this applies to you. 99% of your teachers that you think dislike you, don’t Disliking someone, or going as far as hating them requires more energy than most teachers are willing to spend on a student. It’s far easier to learn to ignore you, and give you an’F,’ it’s also far more satisfying.

The way I explain it to my darling kiddies is as follows. I’m here to teach you some important concepts, if you chose not to learn that information, or not to try, then I’ll try and help. If after I try 2 or 3 times to get you to care, or try… and you still do not, then I cease to care, and it’s far easier, and more productive for me to kick you out.

One nice part of the coming holiday season is CHRISTMAS PARTIES. Many of my long time readers know I am fond of giving exceptional gifts for our work gift exchange. I did not attend last year’s event, sadly, I didn’t feel like it. I am going to attend it this year though. I have a great gift too.

My past gift’s have included such things as, a child’s doll that had been given a beard, and chest hair, then placed back in its original wrapper. I gave a painting of a child and his dog that had been altered with facial hair, and creative slogans. 2 years ago, I gave the most special gift ever, Bigfoot’s manhood, taxidermy style. It was a little odd, given that my principal got the gift. Although, he enjoyed it, and it truly was the gift that kept on giving. I hope to acquire it back someday.

This year, I have a great idea, a calendar. A calendar of me. The sick part of me wants to make it a swimsuit calendar, but I won’t. It’ll be strictly classic poses, in our great city. Overly cheesy, and just downright not something anyone would want. I’ll put all my favorite days on the pages to, so the lucky recipient will know when I was born, when my anniversary is, my kids birthdays, my holiday plans, etc… it’ll be AWESOME.

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  1. eduardo permalink

    I think all of us faithful readers deserve copies of your calendar, as well. Consider me interested, just as long as there aren’t any shots of you in a banana hammock.

  2. The Gambler permalink

    Will that holiday you make for yourself in March involve topography and kicking chairs?

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