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Year 4 Day 62- Wake up

by admin on November 15th, 2006

I just heard a call on the radio to come wak up a student. Not ME to go wake up a student, but our VP. I guess a student in the class is unresponsive. I wish we had tasers. I bet if you tased a student they’d respond.

We lost our softball game last night 17-3. It was a horrible showing by our team. I was 1-3, which made me feel good. We just had some serious issues with our outfield. It seemed like everyone who could drop, or miss a ball did.

All of you will be happy to know I did strain a muscle. Not my groin, but a hip muscle. It hurt.
It still hurts. I stopped at the gas station to get a powerade on my way home…the guy behind the counter asked me,

[Gas Man] You win?
[Captain] No.
[Gas Man] Damn, nobody winning tonight…ev’r one who comes in here losin’ Basketball, Volleyball, you. I guess dem winner wen’ out for pizza. or sumthin’

When the gas station attendent calls you a loser, you know your night was awesome.

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