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Year 4 Day 59- Trickery

by admin on November 9th, 2006

Today I gave my test where I put in the directions, ‘answer any 5 questions you know, and turn it in for full credit’ Nobody in my first class did. They mostly all failed. So far 2 people in the second class have read the directions…so I can assume people in the first class told them.

normally, I have 100% failure to comply. I have to assume information was leaked between periods.

Today is the last day of the session. Many teachers are showing movies. I am giving tests.
I rule. I’m tax dollars well spent.

Our principal is off to go gamble. I envy him. I don’t even have enough money to talk about gambling.

They keep scheduling more kids in my classes than I have books for. I’m angry…
Every time I try and discuss the issue with someone, they refer me to another person. I can’t get books. I also would like the other materials that go with the text, like overheads, handouts, etc. I still don’t have those.

we’re ghetto.

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