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Year 4 Day 161- Clown man

by admin on November 14th, 2006

I wore a sport coat to work today…yeah, I was snazzy. One of my kids came in this morning and said,

[Fashion Bug] If I just saw you walking around I could tell you were an art teacher…
[Captain] Why?
[Fashion Bug] you’re a creative dresser.
[Captain] What the hell does THAT mean? Clowns dress creative too, what are you saying?
[Fashion Bug] No, you dress like you’re in a fashion magazine.

Whatever that means…I’ll take it as a compliment.

My 3rd session classes are large. I don’t have enough economics books for everyone. We’re using photocopies. Awesome.

I have 3 TA’s this session. I haven’t enough work for the one I had last session. I had her cleaning my desk most days. Now I have 3. Great. They always want to ask WHAT do I do?” I just tell them to sit and be at their classmates every whim…and that’ll be great. So mostly they’re running to the office for tissues, and going to get a bag of chips from the snack machine.

We’ve got a ball game tonight. It’ll be good for me. I need to get out of the house. Operation ‘take a knee’ is going as well as it could. It’s always awkward for me to scale back my efforts in being nice, but I force myself to do it…now that Madden has gone back to the video store, I find myself readin a lot…and thank goodness the new season of ‘I shouldn’t be alive’ started. It makes Fridays must see TV.

I have counseling today. It will hopefully shed some light on whether my efforts in my strategy are working, and if I need to alter them at all.

As always, I will be extremely excited and happy when this trial is over. I enjoy the growth in character, and faith…but it isn’t fun to change and grow.

Today a student gave me some gift certificates that they didn’t want. I never turn down free food.

I have to sing up this week for my lecture spots for this year’s state conference. You could be so lucky as to hear the Captain speak if you’re there…and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Granted, you’ll have to guess who I am, and be so lucky as to pick the right room, find a seat, and then…and then…magic.

Pure magic.

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