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Year 4 Day 53- Smell my feet.

by admin on October 31st, 2006

So today is Halloween. I hate Halloween. Kids here take it way too seriously, and use it as an excuse to act like a tool. They did pumpkin painting today. I’d have to check, but, I think I went on a tirade last year about how badly I hated kids painting pumkins in my room, and how messy it got. If I didn’t…I should have.

Well today they tried to pull that crap again. I sent all the kids out to other rooms to paint.

[Linus] We’re going to paint pumkins in here ok?
[Captain] NO. NO you are NOT going to touch a paint brush in my room. You can paint your pumpkin some where else.
[Linus] Well, Mr. —- said we could come here and paint…
[Captain] I say NO…if he has an issue…he can come see me, and discuss it. Go away.

Nobody came in and painted though…That was nice.

We had an assembly, with poularit-, I mean, costume contests, There was a pie eating contest, a apple bobbing contest. The whole ordeal was annoying, and they made the same mistakes this year as every year. DO NOT let ladies with white t-shirts on bob for apples…DUH.

Oh well, as long as I’m not the one in charge, I’m not going to worry about their butts when someday this presents problem.

I’m just glad I get to leave early today to go sit at my sons teacher conference. I don’t need to be here any more than I have to. Due to the anxiety and stress of my normal life outside school, my fuse has been reduced to nothing. I snap at the drop of a hat. Well, I should re-word that. I don’t “snap” I get annoyed, which makes me really “fun” to be around.

As my 6 year old told me yesterday, ‘Wow…aren’t you fun today.”

I wasn’t, but that snapped me back to reality, and I became fun for the rest of the evening.

Everyone should be happy, today I get to go to counseling, so hopefully I’ll be nicer tomorrow.
My life is FUN…I cannot even describe it in words.

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