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Year 4 Day 52- Them Damn Kids…

by admin on October 30th, 2006

I’m getting sick of the apathy regarding ability to take a test. 50% of my student assume they won’t pass the test, so they don’t try, and guess what…they fail.

They try and argue with me that they “ARE trying their BEST.” And I have to point out the many ways I see that they are not trying even a little.

Here is an example of how this conversation goes down,

[Captain] Hey, you might wanna study…the test is in 15 minutes.

This is where I need to point out that I put up the questions on the board 2 days before the test, and give them 15 minutes prior to the test to study, I’m also available to answer any questions up to the time I hand out the test. I also leave the test questions on the board during the test.

[Kid Positive] I’m gonna fail anyway…what’s the point.
[Captain] If you think you’re going to fail, there’s a good chance you will. At least get in the frame of mind to TRY.
[Kid Positive] Why I do try, I do all my work, and sh** and I still F***** fail…What’s the use.
[Captain] See, I would say, that by my observations, I don’t think you try very hard.
[Kid Positive] bulls*** I do try my hardest, and do all the work…why you think I don’t try my hardest.
[Captain] Let me tell you. Reason #1 You talk 50% of the time I’m lecturing.
[Kid Positive} I write down what you tell us to write down.
[Captain] That’s very polite of you, but if you’re not LISTENING to what I’m talking about, you’re just writing down words. Reason #2, I put the test questions up at least 2 days before the test, and you could come write them down, check out a book, or photocopy a chapter, and then study at home..
[Kid Positive] I don’t got 5th or 6th period.
[Captain] So what’s stopping you from coming in before school, or at lunch, or at break?
[Kid Positive] F*** That.
[Captain] If you sit there right now…and you see a term that you don’t understand…why don’t you ASK for an answer?
[Kid Positive] Huh…what’s this?
It was at this point that he blew me off, and focused on the school newsletter that was just delivered.

The kids who fail the test, don’t ever make more than minimal effort. I don’t feel sorry for them.
They get mad when I tell them that I don’t.

I guess Friday when I was gone the school was 2 subs short. our VP and Principal had to teach all day…plus they had a racial issue, a drug bust, and a blood drive…I feel a little bad about all of that…but I also find it funny.

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