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Year 4 Day 50- Jive Talkin’

by admin on October 25th, 2006

Really, I’m not sure what day of school it is anymore. I honestly lose track so often, and actually checking seems silly. It is close enough though.

It’s red ribbon week. This is one of my favorite weeks of school. Not that anything particularly exciting happens here, but seeing all our little loadies parading around with their red ribbons on makes me giggle. It’s also always gratifying to know that the school with one of the highest % of drug use in the area wins the anti-drug use decoration contest every year. As always, I refuse to participate in this event. Not because I’m a user, simply because I think we should be spending the time showing the movie of that guy who was so high for so long he thought he was Barry Gibb. If you haven’t seen it. It comes with the Captains highest praise.

The movie is an anti drug movie, centered around how messed up addiction and prolonged drug use can leave you. I saw this movie in 6th grade, and it still haunts me. One man, who abused LSD, and H too much had finally convinced himself he was Barry Gibb. He was in a cell with his shirt unbuttoned, and singing BeeGee’s songs. He didn’t get to see the sunshine very much. It left scars on my soul that may never heal.

Spending time teaching kids why drugs are bad is far better than turning them lose in the yard to make anti drug posters. It is funny, howeve, to see the kids make huge doobies out of construction paper…and try to make it look “anti” drug by putting a red slash through it.

I just see this week as a useless way to give kids a chance to get better at drawing pot leaves…something they don’t need any more practice with.

-I have yet to get my new home school student yet. I’m getting frustrated.

-I have a kid in one of my classes who refuses to work. I’m ready to destory him. He gets all smarmy with me every time I ask him to work. He’s late every day. He tries to leave early. He tries to claim that he IS working because he’s doodling. Today he’s going to have a nice wake-up call when they tell him he either WORKS in my class, or loses his ROP spot. Ouch.

I bet he tries to fight me today.

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