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Year 4 Day 46- FIRE….heh heheehhhehh cool.

by admin on October 20th, 2006

Today was eventful. There was a fire very near campus, even coming onto campus for about 45 seconds. I guess a meth lab near by caught fire (funny how that happens). The kids say it was a meth lab, the admin says it was a couple of old cars that caught fire. I believe the kids.

The blaze didn’t last too long, but the smoke managed to give all the classrooms a pleasant smell. We also had a BBQ today…When someone got on the radio and mentioned the BBQ, I tried to put in a comment.

[Admin] the BBQ up and running?
[Other staff member] Uhm yes, we’ve got it going…
[Captain] Ooooh, that smells wonderful.
[Other staff member] I don’t know how you could smell it with all this smoke…

The sarcasm missed him worse than an Aaron Brooks pass.

If simply having a fire near campus weren’t enough drama for the day. Our science class had someone vomit on 3 desks after lunch. In 10 years of education I don’t think I’ve ever had someone vomit in class…I feel so ripped off. Not that I’d know what to do, but still…it’s got to be awkward and fun to witness.

My oldest son also came for a visit after lunch. I put him to work making sure a particular student didn’t fall asleep. Every time the kid almost dozed off, my son would say, “Hey…dad he’s sleeping!”

I felt bad for the poor kid, my son was giving him the evil eye for 30 minutes in a row.

That being said, I’m both glad and uneasy that the week is over. Due to situations in my personal life that cause me extreme discomfort, I’ll be forecd to go home for the weekend and deal with them….like it or not, and work is the only time I have where I don’t over analyze things, and make myself insane.

I’ll miss work.

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