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Year 4 Day 41- Little man

by admin on October 16th, 2006

I almost had my first fight in class today. It really wasn’t that close, but, still…given the lack of drama in class the past couple of years this was nice.
The ‘beef’ appeared to be between 3 different kids. 2 kids on one side (Thing 1 and Thing 2), and 1 on the other (Aesop).
I can’t give you many exact quotes because the issue seemed to be a continuation from another class. I can say this with certainty, the arguement was centered around dirt-bike racing. On Friday one of the kids had boasted himself as being pretty damn good on a Huffy, and a challenge was issued to race over the weekend…only Aesop never showed up to back his tales. This caused Thing 1 and Thing 2 to refer to Aesop as a female’s genetalia, and a liar.

Which spawned the ‘beef’

Aesop gave me a few good lines though, like this,

[Aesop] I ain’t got no beef with you dawg, but if we’re going to do this…let’s just do this.’
Seriously…let’s just do this if we’re going to do this…

He repeated that about 45 times.

Somewhere over the course of my class, in which I lectured the entire time…the beef was resolved. I have no idea how this happend. When class was nearly over Thing 2 came over to apologize on the down low.

Aesop accepted…and let him know…

[Aesop] No problem dude…I got some short man syndrome s*** goin’ on…but I’m big dude…if someone steps on my toes, I fight. (sidenote…I really wanted to step on his foot right then, just warrants mentioning) I’m the youngest of 5 brothers…I got some serious short man syndrome…but I fight…I don’t let nobody push me around…but I’m srue you’re the same way dawg…but it’s cool…but if it needs to be handled, I handle it…I, seriously…short man syndrome dawg, but I’m big.”

I may have paraphrased some…but that’s what it sounded like to me. I think what really went down was that Thing 1 and Thing 2 realized they might get beat down by Aesop, or one of his friends…so they backed off.

Aesop is quite the weaver of tales. He told me he was going to be a rapper, after he got certified as a welder…because he makes beats he sells for 6K. He likes more hip-hop and rock though. He’s also been hit by numerous cars, and survived. I bet he’s been bitten by a shark too. I only let him stay around because he’s entertaining.

He also has some sort of major injury every day.

[Aesop] DUUUUUUUUUUDE I think I got bit by a black widow…
[Captain] Why?
[Aesop} Cuz dude, check this out…it’s a bite on my arm, and it hella hurts…I couldnt’ even sleep last night the pain was so intense.
[Captain] Looks like a mosquito bite to me…
[Aesop] No way. This is swelling up so f*****’ bad…’s a black widow or some s****

The next day he had torn a muscle in his neck. Miraculously, it was healed the following day…but his achillies had been ruptured.

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