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Year 4 Day 40- Mix it up

by admin on October 12th, 2006

I wore a tie to work today. No real reason. I mean, my wife mentioned she liked it when I used to wear ties and what not, but I’ve decided to mix up my wardrobe a bit…keep everyone on their toes. It’s working.

I’ve had 5 people walk in here and ask what the deal with the tie is. Funny. I think it’ll add something to the mix here, I’m not sure how though. So I’m going to see how the kids act on tie days vs. non-tie days.

Yesterday I had a guest speaker all day. He’s been here before, and does an outstanding job, I get bored though.

Just for clarification. When I’m putting music on my computer to listen to, it’s not when I’ve got something else to be doing. During my Economics classes, I’m not even at my desk unless I’m taking roll, or watching the kids take a test…we don’t listen to music in Econ.

That leaves art. In art I’m not one of those types of teachers that paces the room looking over each childs’ shoulder as he/she attempts to draw. I’ve found that A) it makes them more nervous. So I make about 3-4 passes a period, just to see how they’re doing. B) I can’th elp them at their desk anyway. I need a table with space for us both to see what’s happening, so I stay at my desk, which also has my work table.

So, while I’m at my desk, if someone asks to hear a certain song, and i don’t have it, I go find it. I read the news, etc. Someone made a comment, which I’m sure was sarcastic, about wasting tax payer dollars for non-academic purposes. I just want to assure people….3 years ago, I wasted tax payer dollars for sure. Read the diary from 3 and 4 years ago…now there was some quality wasting of time. As of the past two years though, I would have to say selfishly speaking, the kids are getting the best deal ever. I get paid bunk, and they get trained to be good in art. It all levels out.

I’ll also say this. I’ve dealt with most of the art teachers in this area. If I had to put my kids in an art class to get better…I’d put them in mine first, provided we didn’t fight like cats and dogs. Economics wise, I’m not bad, but I can think of a couple teachers I’d rather they learn from. Art teacher wise…hands down, I get results. That is my competitive side going a little overboard, but I believe it.

If you take my class, I don’t care who you are, or what you think about your artistic ability, I will make you better. I have yet to find someone I can’t improve.

And on that note…I’m off to watch people freak out about my tie.

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