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Year 4 Day 38- The Man

by admin on October 10th, 2006

SO I’m going to be posting from home for awhile. I’m a little paranoid about our tech dept. I won a napster account for a year, so I’ve been going nuts listening to music..being as you are able to download music, I was downloading whatever I wanted…it was FREE, and this is way better than trying to find songs online somewhere…SO I racked up about 9 gigs of music in 3 days. Napster has about 90% of the stuff I’d want. I’m very pleased with their selection.

Flash forward to today.

My principal comes in and is like, ‘Have you checked your mail?’

I don’t use my district mail. The only people who use it are district office folks, and really, I don’t have much need to read their emails, and mainly my outlook express clogs my machine like a bad burrito, and everything gets slowed down to a crawl. Anyway, they were a little mad I guess that I was using so much space…

I had to delete a bunch of old music, and move my new sutff to my machine. Not too big of a deal, but I just don’t want them coming to check on me more…and then be upset that I’m taking the idea of keeping a journal as a source of academic reflection to a different level.

I’ll be posting from home…for awhile

School has been pretty good…I have really big classes, and they’re well behaved too. I enjoy it. See the problem with our district is that they would try and use listening to music as a violation of computer useage…even though I onluy use it in my art classes as a way to help keep the kids working. My subscription is paid for…so I have access to all my music legally.

I’ve had tech issues for 8 years now anyway. They’ve been on me for too much space, too much bandwidth, yadda yadda…

I wish they’d realize that if I had a 60gig hard drive like most crap machines have now….this wouldn’t ever be a problem.

I guess the grant we were working on to get new machines is only for one lady, and her giant suitcase. She’ll get 9 new machines. I’ll get spunk.

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