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Year 4 Day 28- By the power of Greyskull

by admin on September 28th, 2006

Damn! I don’t know what got into the kids today… .they were off the wall. I had to kick a few kids out. They were showing up late, being rude, making poor choiced comments to other students, belching, and just generally acting like turds. They gave me a damn headache. Add to it the fact that for some reason I kept thinking it was Friday. Bad day.

I did have this little conversation gem today though.

[Loadie McSores] Captain, do you ever do dope?
[Captain] No ma’am
[Loadie McSores] How come?
[Captain] Everyday I come here and get a million reasons why I shouldn’t
[Kid #2] No sh** huh!
[Loadie McSores] good point.

I think the reason behind the day has been narrowed down to the following. 1) The session ends tomorrow and instead of doing make-up work, and letting the kids off easy I was still forcing them to learn new information. We spent today discussing marginal revenue vs. marginal cost. AWESOME! I did a fantastic job, thanks for asking. 2) I’m leaving Saturday morning for some much needed rest, and minor relaxation. I will be attending a concert in San Francisco, Ca. Many bands will play, some I like, some I have yet to hear. I will document the entire event in the same way I do a conference, with a running journal in homage to Bill Simmons. My friend, who I’ll just call Dow Jones will do the same, and who knows, I may post dueling diaries. I think that my excitement for the event has caused my perception of time to slip.

It’s only Thursday… .tomorrow I get paid, and can get a little more excited. I was going to take tomorrow off, just to spite today, and make it a Friday anyway. Let out a He-Man-esque… I HAVE THE POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWER, then stay home. I can’t though. I get paid tomorrow… and I have $2 to my name… so I NEED to be here.

Oh well. I still have the power.

Just for random thought…I’d pay about half my check to see battle cat tear a kid apart in the hallway.

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