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Year 4 Day 27- Tuesday

by admin on September 26th, 2006

Well nothing has surfaced regarding’wide-right-gate’ I haven’t even seen the kid yet today. He may never come back. Yesterday we were at in-service all day. It was actually a pleasant one for the most part. It dealt with’pacing’ guides. For those of you not in the educational carnival that I am, pacing guides are year long maps of how you’ll address the standards in your particular classes. They’re organized around’power standards’, which are created by individual districts. ‘Power standards’ are those main points of the regular standards, the ones heavily tested on in standardized testing. None of the classes I teach are tested on, therefore, none of my classes have power standards, my job was a lot easier than the math, English, and history people.

Sometimes things work out well. I finished all my pacing guides, whereas most hardly finished one class’ worth.

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