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Year 4 Day 27- Resolution

by admin on September 27th, 2006

So’Wide-right-gate’ ended with a fizzle. He apologized for over-reacting, I apologized. We shook hands, and it was over. Thankfully. The thing with education is that 95% of the time these types of issues get resolved like this… with out incident… but the other 5% get blown up in to headline news that rattles the country. That’s what worries most educators. As easily as this was resolved, it could have ended in a ‘teacher commits act of racial injustice against student’.

Thankfully… it’s over.

I’m just not throwing erasers anymore.

The first session is over tomorrow. Already. I can’t believe it. We’re 1/6 of the way done. Time flies. Once thing I’m coming to enjoy about teaching is the speed at which years appear to pass. Every year seems quicker, and quicker. 182 days isn’t that long. I’m 1/3 of the way done with my career.

My power went out at home yesterday. That sucked. It was right in the middle of dinner. I had to complete my culinary wizardry on the grill like Bobby Flay. I did, and It tasted good, but it still wasn’t any fun eating in the dark. The power came on again about 10pm.

The best part was my little street was the only place in the city without power. I wandered the road in front of my shanty looking at something in scurrying in the bushes. I don’t see so well at night anymore, it turned out to be a skunk. Not one skunk, but several. Originally I hurled objects at the one on my downhill side to find out what it was, it moved enough so I could tell it wasn’t a cat (as I thought)… upon discovering its true identity, I noticed more skunks, 2 and 3 run past my feet from my uphill side. I fled through the darkness into my house to regroup.


What Would Helen Keller Do? That’s what my thoughts were… I figured she’d have gotten her ass sprayed, and stunk like a dead horse… so I stayed in the house.

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