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Year 4 Day 25- Post thoughts

by admin on September 22nd, 2006

Now that I’m home and have time to reflect on the ‘incident’ today, we’ll just call it ‘wide-right-gate’. I’m mad now. I understand the kid being embarassed, I understand him being a little annoyed with my lob hitting him in the dome…but to lie and say it left a big mark, and his head was hurting…c’mon. Then when the VP showed him the actual eraser that struck him…he said it wasn’t it. It also irks me that this kid thinks so very little of me that he would actually think I singled him out and intentionally threw the eraser at him. I really don’t know if I want him back in my class anymore. A) He ‘kind of wanted to fight me’ B) He lied to make me look worse, and actually said I was giving a false story because I didn’t want to get in trouble C) God forbid I should give this kid a compliment on his artwork, I might be accused of going gay on him.
Basically I don’t feel I can teach him fairly anymore. It’s sad, because I really thought he was a nice kid, and had potential to get pretty decent in art. Wow. I said ‘hi’ to him in the hall, chit chatted with him…but apparantly it must have been a disguise in order to get him to put his guard down, so I could peg him with a 1″x1″ eraser.

Roger Clemens could bean you with this eraser in the face from 5 feet away at his best throw, and not leave a mark, seriously. Tuesday I’m going to have a kid unload an eraser or two at me as hard as they can…so I can see how bad the pain is.

I sympathize with the kid on some points. Yes, it is harder for him being a minority at our school…yes, getting hit by anything when you don’t expect it is annoying, and yes, being laughed at because of it would embarass me a bit too. Even though, I think most kids were laughing more at me for missing my target than actually for hitting him.

We’ll see…this is the kind of lame incident that ends up on CNN. Teacher assaults ethnic student, race war ensues. I would hope when we get back to school next week, after he’s calmed down…I can apologize again for being a lousy shot, buy him a soda as a token of my apology, and we can move on. At least it provided some excitement in an other wise pretty dull week. At least I’m not Lou Diamond Phillips right now.

I had a kid drug tested today…(one on my list). He failed. He’s going away…but not because of the dirty pot test, because he has a perscription for medicinal marijuana. He’s going away for making white power commentary on his way to the bus. Whatever…have fun in the real world pal.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Wow a medical marijuana prescription……that is just what these kids need….I am sure it will help their adhd or add or anyother ailment that should arise!!!!!

  2. Eduardo permalink

    I’m actually more disturbed by the fact that someone, presumably a licensed local physician, actually gave him a prescription for cheeba.

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