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Year 4 Day 25- It’s up…and it’s….wide right.

by admin on September 22nd, 2006

Well today was interesting. We had an incident. I was involved. That should peak some interest.

Here’s what happened.

During my art class one of my kids asked for an eraser. I tossed her an eraser, just a little lob, like I was giving an ally oop. The girl missed the oop, and the eraser hit a kid in the head. He took offense to it. And went and told our Principal. These facts should be known first A) I lightly tossed it, an ally oop was the best term (just a pass designed to float in the air), granted I wasn’t terribly accurate, but it wasn’t a rocket to the first basemen, or even a chest pass as far as oopmf behind it. B) If I wanted to drill the kid I have way more accuracy than that. C) I’d have drilled one of the kids who never works, not the kid I actually like, and think does a decent job.

He was pissed and told on me. He said he had a huge lump on his head. I saw him in the hall afterwards, and I tried to talk with him but he, “just felt like fighting me” so I let him be. I think his problem is that A) he felt awkward because the class thought it was funny.
B) He’s complained about other people before, he plays the ethnicity card as well… he’s not on my list of kids, but according to other people here he plays this card all the time.

I just feel that yes, he could have been a little irritated, hell, I would have been a little irritated if my art teacher hit me in the noggin with an eraser, even if it was lightly tossed and very tiny (like smaller than pink pearl tiny) I in no way would have tried to fight him.
The whole thing is very interesting. I’m wondering if he really will try to fight me… or shoot me. If I get shot, I’m so filing a grievance.

I have no idea what to do however. I tried to be cool to the kid, and talk with him… but he’s not having it The admin. Has said that he does this all the time, and don’t buy his act. When I showed the VP the eraser he said, “This is it?” Yes. I gave him the exact eraser.

Even the kids were pissed at him. My fear is that the kids being mad will do more harm for him than good. He already feels a little stress here because of his ethnicity, and we do have some kids who are total white trash skinheads, and would use something stupid like this to go after him… which will somehow make it seem like it’s my fault further putting me in harms way.

Why this? Why today, on a Friday?

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