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Year 4 Day 24- Aftermath

by admin on September 21st, 2006

Well last night was phase one in our plan to gain a raise. We wore our dark colored clothing to the board meeting. There about 60% of the teachers present. People who coached, were new hires, were granted permission to stay home…but most came.

I thought it was a pretty good showing. There was a janitor who spoke, he lost his job. He thinks it was because he was ourspoken in favor of teachers at the previous board meeting, and he was being blacklisted because of it. I think he’s partly correct. I have seen those in our district with different opinions treated poorly because of that. I think this guy was A) possibly liquored B) embelishing a taf. He praised the teachers thousands of hours of hard work in the summer. uh…maybe it’s just me, but I put in nowhere near that many hours. Maybe 5.

It was nice to see someone stanf up for us, knowing he’d be even more hated by the district…but he went on a little too much. Sometimes speakig from the heart can get painful to watch. It turned into the awkward phone call to an ex at 1am. HE was ranting about how much he cared about teachers, and loved us…and how rotten the district was, etc, etc,…and soon it was beginning to look like he was really doing more harm than good. I applaud him for having the stones to get up and DO that…no way in hell I would have, but good on him for doing it…he just should have sat down a lot earlier.

We had a few other speakers as well. a few teachers and our president, all the speeches were very well read, and let the district know we were not thrilled about the way we were treated, and that we had trust issues with the districts promises.

I don’t think the Super was too thrilled. In fact, he looked downright pissed.

Today was a good day at school…nothing much happened. A few of my louder students were starting a 4 day weekend I guess, because they didn’t show up.

oneof my favorite students is getting closer to being sent away. I’m thrilled. A friend threw him a bagel wrapped in plastic yesterday, he missed it, and it landed on the floor…still wrapped in plastic. I asked him to pick it up. This is what followed.

[Captain] Hey, pick that up and throw it away.
[Mr. ill-temper] I ain’t pickin’ that f****’ thing up.
[Captain] Just pick it up,..please.
[Mr. ill temper] No.

The bagel sits for a minute…he gets up, KICKS it under the sink where it explodes into a bunch of pieces. It is no longer wrapped in plastic.

[Captain] DUDE! go pick that up.
[Mr. ill-temper] No

I get up and walk over to him, because he’s kind of fond of confrontation (same kid who called me out for writing that he didn’t do anything in class on a referral)
[Captain] Look, this is a really stupid reason to get a referral, just pick it up please.
[Mr. ill-temper] I ain’t pickin that f*****’ thing up, give me a f*****’ referral
[Captain] Your wish is granted.

So now he has to have progress reports filled out, because we’re having a meeting with him and his mother….I’m not holding back when/if I get to go to the meeting.
I think I’ll say things like,

If he spent as much time working as he did dropping f-bombs and talking about eating magic mushrooms…he’d be on our honor roll.

I’m sure every parent loves to hear about how their kid discusses his recreational drug use for the majority of his day. I’m also going to suggest he be tested for a bladder problem, because he goes to the restroom everyday every period I have him (which is 3) so 3 times in 5 hours…might be a problem.

I’m considering writing down word for word one of his drug related conversations, and relaying that to his mom…

should be fun, whatever happens.

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