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Year 4 Day 22- Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’….but not friggin fast enough.

by admin on September 19th, 2006

[Kid] I know how to draw… do I still have to do this shading packet?
[Captain] Yes. Everyone does.
[Kid] I know how to draw. Wanna see my drawings? I designed my own tattoo.
[Captain] Yeah… show me your drawings.

The student proceeds to show me some drawings in her binder, under the plastic covering. They suck as they do 95% of the time.

[Captain] Those are nice doodles, you still have to do the shading exercises. When I feel you’re ready to move on to more challenging work, I’ll move you on.

I love new students.

The new kid always creeps back to their desk, and a few kids tell them… ‘See I told you, he’d say no.’ or’I told you that you weren’t done.’

A kid came up to me today asking for a brown colored pencil. I obliged and gave him one.

[Martha Stewart] This says brown ogre?
[Captain] It says brown ochre, and that IS brown. A Brown ogre is something else.

Days are going so slowly… they’ve been relatively productive, but still the dragging of time is really annoying.

Tomorrow is board meeting protest day. We’re showing up as teachers in mass to protest our paltry pay increases. I hope it works. I actually hope our superintendent blows a gasket. That’d be classic.

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