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Year 4 Day 21- Time wasters…

by admin on September 15th, 2006


This is one of my favorite kids. He wears girls sunglasses. He loves the Raiders. He pushes my buttons every chance he gets.

Today went smoothly. The kids all workd for the most part, with the exception of a few lovebirds who were having drama. You know the kids. Girl comes in crying, boy comes in 2 minutes later…pissed. There’s no dialogue. Both sit down, at different ends of the room. She decides to move. She is sure to drag the desk loudly past him, as if to say…”You see this! YOU SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO! I’m FORCED to go sit in isolation.”
They glance at one another a few times. No words. He’s not coming over. She’s had it.

She leaves again, shooting her former lover a nasty look. He pays no mind…but he feels her glare. The door shuts. He mouths something along the lines of…”F’n B****” then pretends he’s working. 5 minutes pass. She comes back…slams a written note down on the desk. He reads it. He loudly crumbles it up, saying to himself, “Heh. I read it..or at least tried to, and y’know what…it means nothing to me, these words you’ve attempted to spell on paper.”

Her head twitches with anger as the note is destroyed. She gets up again, stroms past him..with the, ‘we need to talk NOW!’ look on her face. They merge in the back of the room…hushed voices mumbling something important…then anger turns back to tears, and she returns to her isolated seat…to wait for the end of the day.

That happend today…but it happens 3 times a week with this couple.

I may draw a picture about it soon.

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