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year 4 Day 18- Quien es mas macho, el estudiante o’ el CAPITAN…..Si El Capitan es muy macho

by admin on September 12th, 2006

One of my entitlement children decided not to come to class today. He was on campus, he just decided “the rules didn’t apply to him’ So he sat outside. He never checked in…so I do what I do, and I marked him absent. I didn’t go looking for him either.

My Principal came in to inform me he was laying outside on the tables…and why was he there? I informed him, he had not shown up at all this period, and I was glad. I wasn’t looking for him.

Our principal returns to the benches, and informs our student he needs to get back to class, and that also, many of his teachers aren’t happy with his work production.

He returns tomy class very angry with me. Because He knew I would be one of those telling our principal this information.

He got stupid on me in class, mid lecture.

[Kid] Why you talkin ‘sh** man, sayin’ I ain’t doin sh** in class.
[Captain] What?
[Kid] yeah Principal said you said I wasn’t doin’ anything…what those things I did anin’t anything?
[Captain] you haven’t turned anything in yet. You failed both tests. You started one art project, lost it, then sat for 5 days trying to debate whether to begin something else…working on your other work…which never got turned in.
[Kid] What the F ever…who else isn’t doing anything?
[Captain] They didn’t ask me about them…I was aksed about how you were doing…so I told them how you were doing.

The conversation fizzed out at this point, and after I had finished my lecture…I went and checked my to be graded work, and my gradebook…just to be sure.

[Captain] Hey sir, have you any work for me? I don’t have any in my pile, or my gradebook.
[Kid] Not that I’m giving you…
[Captain] Well being as i’m the only one who can grade it, that’d be a bad choice…

and we ended it that way…he’s going to hold out on me…and I’m fine with that.

F’s are great to put on report cards.

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