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year 4 day 17

by admin on September 11th, 2006

September 11th, 5-Years later. Seeing video of that day brings back a lot of memories.

I am still amazed that it happened. It will probably go down (at least to this point) as the most world changing event I’ve been alive for. I remember the Space Shuttle blowing up, I remember the Iran Hostage Crisis a little… but this trumped both of those as far as impact. The sad thing is I really think that a lot of the US, (especially at this school), doesn’t realize how significant it was. Their world view is too limited.

I had been on top of those buildings… and unless you’ve been to NYC and seen them, it’s hard to grasp how BIG they were. They were like a compass, letting you know where you were in Manhattan. I went back to NYC in December of 2001, mostly due to the overwhelmingly cheap airline tickets… but I went none the less. It was spooky to see NYC without those buildings. I think that most people who didn’t know someone in that area, or had never been to NYC felt kind of distant from the situation. I know when I tried to explain the seriousness of the situation to the kids here, they couldn’t grasp it. They knew it was something bad, but not really how to handle it.

Even now, I think most kids here don’t realize it’s September 11th, and remember what happened.

The day it happend it took me awhile to even realize it. I woke up got my son ready to go his grandparents, got myself ready for work and left. I’m not one of those people who watches the news in the morning. Nobody called me to say,’hey get your TV on’ I drove my son to his grandparents house, listened to the radio, not a CD. The radio wasn’t playing anything other than music… which now, looking back, seems weird. When I showed up to my fathers’ house, his wife let me know,’the world is going to hell, are you watching.’ I was clueless… then I saw her TV showing pictures of the pentagon and twin towers smoldering.

When I got to work, the rest of the day was spent watching TV, and trying to explain to a group of kids that really has no world view what was going on.

Now every time I see a show on 9/11, or read a story I’m reminded how short life is. Nobody is guaranteed even a full day. Those people woke up, went to work, or got on a plane to do SOMETHING and never made it home. I try and not focus on the negative, obviously if you dwell on things like that you’d drive yourself crazy. Overall, I feel a lot of sympathy for people who lost loved ones on that day. I also admire those people who took back the airplane, even if they never took it back to safety. I’m not sure I could go after someone with a blade. I’d like to think given the extreme circumstance that it was, I’d be able to do something… what a horrible situation to be in.

As an educator, the hardest part is that given the situation most of my students come from, they’re unable to discuss an event like 9/11 with any rationality, or feeling. To them it is a cut and dry-,Aeolet’s bomb them’ attitude. They’re really unable to deal with any issue that brings out real emotion with anything other than F bombs, and slurs. 95% of the kids have no experience with other cultures… to be honest, they’re idea of a’cultural’ experience usually deals with buying weed off some rasta dude. Plus, they tend to respond to aggression with aggression. So dealing with this day in any kind of positive reflection is a lost cause for the most part.

In other news, some lady made the teachers caramel apples. They were decent, not enough caramel though.

3 of my 4 for’favorite’ students nearly broke me today. Monday is not a good time to be trying teachers… just a hint for any students reading this. If you’re going to TRY and piss off your teacher, Friday works best. On a Monday I’m liable to bite your nose off your face.

Our medical insurance rates are going down this year… but it leads to the quandary of WHICH plan do I take this year… do I take the low plan and HOPE my youngest son doesn’t lodge his arm in the door, or go with the full plan and let the kids run with scissors. It depends on so many things, like my wife’s new policy, what we expect to have as far as major medical expenses… etc.

I hate the whole idea of medical insurance rates though… why not have everyone get the same regardless? You work HERE this is what you get.

Well anyway… we have an afternoon filled with meetings… so I’m pumped.

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