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Year 4 Day 16- TGIF #24

by admin on September 8th, 2006

Friday came early this week. Feels good when Friday comes early. ( I guess technically it came the same as it does every week, but when the week only has 3 actual work days…it SEEMS quick…and that’s what I love) This week was pretty decent… not too much interesting happened. I haven’t heard any resolution with the graffiti issue. We had negotiations yesterday for our contracts, and nothing was resolved. We’re still not getting a raise.

Push is going to come to shove at some point this year, and I’ll be RIGHT here to document it all.

I’ve got my list started of about 4 kids I’d like to see go to another school. Every teacher/school has’that list’. It’s a lot harder to get on it here than you might expect, especially here. We deal primarily with kids who were on’that list’ at their original school… so to get on’that list’ at a school FOR kids who were on’that list’ is really bad.

The four kids are returning from last year. All four are not really making a good attempt at paying attention, or accomplishing anything of real importance. All 4 are failing multiple classes, showing up late to class, etc, etc. All 4 admit they don’t want to be here. They all “forget” work at home. We’re over loaded on students… my thought is rifle them out quick.

One in particular is driving me crazy. He trashes talks EVERYONE. ME, the other kids, people who don’t know him, on and on. Your mother, he’s probably spoken ill of her as well. He forgets his work every day, fails all his tests, doesn’t pay attention, breaks my stuff, shows up late, then gets defiant when he’s confronted… then when he knows he’s about 10 seconds from being thrown into the street he tries to be joking and civil.

[captain] Why’d you break my ruler?
[kid rock] I didn’t break your F’n ruler… you don’t know what you’re talking about.
[captain] well you were one of two people sitting in the area with the ruler, and I SAW you with it.
[kid rock] whatever, I didn’t do it.
[captain] I don’t believe you… I’m still going to fill out a referral, I’ll just put both your names on it, and the principal can figure it out.
[kid rock] you see that Raider game? Who you think’s gonna win it this season?

What I want to say is-‘go sit down before I cauliflower both your ears.’

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