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Year 4 Day 16- Love Letter 1.0

by admin on September 8th, 2006

Sometimes I stumble on goldmines left on desks as trash. Incomplete letters to mystery people. Some good, some bad… This is not quite that good, but I found someone’s half hearted attempt at a love letter, or prison letter…whatever. Here are the highlightsl;

“Hey there sexy how are you doing? LIfe is treating me good, Yesterday I c hecked the mail and I saw that there was a letter from you. It put a smile on my face. I called your brothers I was so excited.”

So happy she’s going after the family…

“Well you wrote me in your letter asking me if I was seeing anyone. No I am not seeing anyobody. I have also been feeling you, but I didn’t think that you felt that way about me.”

Feelings…nothing more than feelings.

The best part was someone in big print on the back of the letter wrote “F**K THAT SH*T!!”

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