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Year 4 Day 15- The little Red Caboose

by admin on September 7th, 2006

So I woke up with the little red caboose stuck in my head. Smokestack on his back, back, back, back…Roling down the track, track track track…the little red caboose behind the train.

Yesterday was test day. Keep in mind I put the test questions on the board for 2 days prior to the actual test, and even mistakenly left ANSWERS to some of them up there as well. I only had 7 kids out of 30 pass the test, and nobody got above a B. Most missed the questions that were answered on the board. It baffles me. I’m baffled. I remember being in school and looking EVERYWHERE when I was stumped, to see if, by chance, the teacher left some clues on the board, or walls… and sometimes they did. I’d find a map, or something to help me. These kids don’t even try. It takes a minor miracle to break them out of their cannabis related discussion.
[captain] The test questions are on the board…
[random kid not paying attention] So this weekend I was HELL-UH wasted. HELL-UH.

Today I’m giving my economics kids a talking to. I need to let them know that they need to TRY. I’ve written down my expectations of them in a handy cheat sheet… so they can have a daily reminder that they only get to re-take one test a session. Apparently they forget day by day that they can’t retake every test they fail, and that they MUST pass the chapter test in order to get credits.

Today was smoother…post lecture, I think the kids FINALLY realized they need to pay better attention, participate, and TRY…that is until tomorrow.

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    So is this now a new education program…EPLB?

    (Every Pot-Head Left Behind)

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