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Year 4 Day 14- 3 day weeks rule

by admin on September 6th, 2006

I’m back in the saddle. It seemed like things were busy here while I was gone.

Kids in high school are poor decision makers by age, kids here are even worse at that endeavor. Our school was vandalized over the weekend. This happens from time to time. Some yahoo writes or spray paints their “art” all over our school. The nice thing about this particular artist is that he chose to put the same artwork he put on our school, on his folders. How nice. He also failed to show up the day after the crime was committed further adding to his suspicion.

I always love the sub notes. They really let me know how my kids behaved. I could tell that yesterday was mildly unproductive due to the amount of trash on my floor. You’d have thought the Cubs won the World Series with the amount of paper on my floor. I guess the janitor was off too. Then I read the note from my sub,

Period 1- A nap, really quiet, very peaceful. (that’s my prep)

Period 2 and 3 were uneventful.

Period 4- Very few students actually prepared themselves for the test. Most were busy discussing how drunk or high they got over the 3 days off.

I should make that a question on the test.

How drunk and/or high did you get over the three days off? Please use specific examples and give proper credit when applicable. As always, all answers must be in complete sentences… ‘we wuz hella’ wasted’ is not acceptable.

I can’t do that of course, but it would be funny to see the results.

I drove by another school this morning, and noticed all the sad kids walking to class.

I wondered to myself… why are they so sad? Then I realized, they will go through the entire day with no Captain in their lives…

I had a girl today going nuts about her iron deficiency. I told her to go home grab the cast iron pan, and lick on it for awhile…

I’m so nice.

I woke up with that new Justin Timberlake song in my head…and I wanted to run my head over with a lawnmower. I have no idea who granted him permission to bring ‘sexy back’, or where sexy had gone in the first place. Did it leave with Timberlake and he was simply returning it?

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m bringing sexy back…”

“Well, thank you Justin, that was very nice of you.”

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