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Year 4 Day 12- Ladies and Gentlemen….YOUR NEW YORK KNICKS PENCIL!!!!!

by admin on September 1st, 2006

Friday. 3-day weekend. Can’t be better. I started it off yelling at some greasy long haired mouth breather trying to wedge his car in front of mine at a stop light. He had half his car in my lane, and half in oncoming traffic. He didn’t even seem to notice.

Just kept on mouth breathing.

Krakatoa hasn’t erupted yet, and I think its beginning to suck my eyeball in its direction.

I’m hoping all our kids take a 4 day weekend. Fridays are typically smooth, and when there are fewer kids… they’re even smoother.

I’ll post my 4th piece of advice.

#4 participate in activities with the students outside the classroom.

Your kids HAVE to be in your room, and so do you… they know that. So if you show up work a dance duty, coach a team, go watch a game, play in a game with them, etc. They know you’re there because you want to… not because you have to. It goes a long way to earn their respect. I don’t do nearly as much of that anymore… but I still play some basketball with them, or softball, or go to any events that I could enjoy a little. When I was at the other school, I used to go to games a lot, work dance detail, etc.

Again, it’s not required of you… but if you’re teaching, and you’d prefer your kids to like you… you should probably do some stuff you don’t get paid for. Hell, I barely get paid for being here now… (bud dum dum dum.)

Also, if you’re playing the home game… The Knicks pencil is STILL around. It’s sans eraser now, but still very much useable… I’ve lost EVERY other pencil imaginable… not that one though. I think it makes a statement about the real NY Knicks. They barely function, but damn if they don’t still show up day after day.

And to make it better, every time I give it out to a kid they say something like,

“I don’t want this piece of s***”

Just like Knicks fans must say every time their team walks on the floor.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Does a 3-kegger at the lake count?

  2. I will give you $2 million for your pencil.

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