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Year 14 Day 19- The Beard Stays.

by admin on September 13th, 2006

This made me laugh. Good on that guy. I may have mentioned it a couple years ago, I tried this, not for some worthy cause like capturing Bin Laden…but just out of fondness for beards, and for the laziness I had.

Beards bring out the worst in people. People who hate them, hate them with a passion. This dudes wife is probably close to going and catching Bin Laden herself…you know she’s cursing the US military on a daily basis…

The fact she mentions that her daughters ‘boyfriends think the beard is cool’ also makes me laugh. It’s just like high school aged men to be fascinated with a beard belonging to someone’s dad.

How Cool.

In school related news. We had more parents last night than I expected, I think 14 might be the number we ended at.

I have a office aide who comes and makes photo copies for me every morning…it’s so nice.

Today seems like Friday…but it’s so not…and I’m mad for feeling that way. I still have 2 more days. This morning I woke up with ‘Juke Box Hero’ stuck in my head…

I saw a site today where you can get a theme song for your web site for $250 ( WOW. I want this. I’m not dishing out the $250 for it, but I still want it. I could write my own…but it’s just not the same. I think once you have a theme song…you really start to go places.

So if anyone wins the lottery, inherits a ton of cash, or just wants to buy the captain a theme song…go for it. It would be the crown jewel of this site.

I have these flies in my room. They suck. I try to be subtle when I swat at them…so I don’t look like I’m at a soutern revival clapping and doing the be-bop. I always miss though.

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  1. Paco permalink

    Riding on a bus… riding on a bus… sitting next to bums…

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