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Year 4- Pre-season

by admin on August 11th, 2006

I went by my school yesterday. I needed blank CDs. That was the only reason…or so I told myself. I kind of, actually want to go back. For God’s sake don’t go telling anyone, but I kind of do. Emphasis on the ‘kind of’ My principal was there, and saying things like, “Are you ready for next Thursday?”

NEXT Thursday?

As in 6 days from NOW? WTF?


The ‘kind of’ part has left the building.

I don’t want to go back for at least 3 weeks.

I thought I was starting to mentally prepare for next year, but I’ve realized I do need more time. either that, or I need to work harder at prep.

I discovered via conversation with our janitor that a lady in the District Office got a 40% raise in salary. WOW. Her husband works with us. He isn’t talking about this apparantly. I can’t say I really blame him, he’d probably get kicked in the berries if he did.

I guess our new union president seems to think this riase will be just what the Dr. ordered as far as making people ready to really TRY and get a raise.

The “new” district financial officer quit as well over the summer, after less than 6 months on the job. HAHAHAH our district is awesome.

Near the end of last year we sat and listened to him talk about “how this district is in some tough times now, but with some cuts, and proper budgeting, we’ll get through it…”

Apparantly, he realized differently.

This year will be interesting. We’ll have the salary tensions right from day 1, I’m sure of it….and our principal will be starting his 2nd year…we’ll see what he learned from last year. As for me…This will be my 10th year in the edcational system…and my 4th as…

Your Captain.

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