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Year 4- Pre-season Part II

by admin on August 16th, 2006

Wow. Tomorrow it all starts. It’s the official “welcome back” district meeting. Which means nothing really, we all sit around in a crowded gym and listen to the boss-man tell us how much he wants to compensate us, and how he WILL, and how we just need to keep up the good work…and eventually, we’ll get what we deserve. Then we get to see all the new people hired in the district (like anyone really cares who got hired at other schools) Then we go back to our respective schools to start the day.

I can’t believe it’s TOMORROW. School years go fast, but summers go even faster. I guess tomorrow I’ll also find out if the home school program that has been keeping me paid (and entertained) has been done away with like rumored.

I hope not, it was nice extra cash…as well as good stories. I’ve heard they’re taking a couple teachers who are getting older, and becoming less effective in the classroom and sticking them on home school full time. You’re hearing it hear first. This won’t last. These two teachers (I know both of them) will NOT last in places like I’ve been, with kids like I’ve dealt with. Neither of them will be interested in black widows, trampolines, or skull incense burners. Dogs biting at their tires, and random lizards roaming free will all send them away into early retirement.

I think that this may be why they have been put on this assignment.

Well whatever is going to happen, it begins tomorrow. Whether I like it or not.

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