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year 4 day 9- saviour of jazz ballet

by admin on August 29th, 2006

There’s something wrong with my tailpipe. It’s been putting out noxious fumes all morning long… not sure if it was something I ate, or what… but let’s just say it’s the things wars are started with. I’d be curious to see the James Nachtwey photos after I’d been in a room.

It’s not been pleasant being around myself this morning.

I did stop and get a doughnut this morning. The first of the year… it felt good to have one finally, coupled with my imitation mountain dew as well. What a breakfast.

As far as what music has been in my brain in the morning…it’s still Mew. Yesterday was’Snow Brigade’, today it was’Why are you looking grave?’ I’m hoping something random pops back in my head soon… it’s more entertaining that way.

Yesterday was the first Economics test of the year and it looked like a bomb went off on their papers there was so much red ink. The highest grade was a B- (80%). The test was EASY too. They say in education, if there is an overwhelming lack of good scores on a test, you should re-teach the concepts, because they didn’t get them. Well. I can’t stay on chapter one all year long, The concepts weren’t missed because of lack of proper explanation, they were missed because the kids were asleep with their lights still on. Oh well.

Being as I have a lack of interesting tales regarding students so far this year, I’m going to start a daily advice column for new teachers, should any ever happen across this site. I’ll put one piece of advice a day until I run out.

Today’s lesson,


Trust me on this. You have to WANT to be at work every day. You have to like teaching, and working with young people. If you don’t… then your life will be horrid. Read the first 2 years of my page if you don’t believe me. At the time, I did NOT want to teach, and being at work everyday, (while enjoyable to read), was killing me. That being said, the first 3 years of my career, I did want to be there (Thus is why I got into it in the first place), and I had fun… then the next 5 were the worst ( I got moved here, and sort of mentally shut it down)) then as of last year, I began to enjoy myself again.

I hear a lot of people say things like, “Well, if nothing works out, I guess I’ll teach… ”

My advice (again)- DON’T. Teaching should never be something you fall back on. The money and benefits aren’t that good. You have to deal with a classroom full of kids that will destroy your soul if they smell a weakness… it’s really not worth it. If you’re having issues with’what will I be?’ Stay in school, take the loans, be what you REALLY want to be, even if it takes a couple more years. It would have to be better to get up and go to a job you love, and make a little loan payment each month, then to wake up and go to a room full of kids waiting to gnaw your heart out. If you still think you might want to teach… move away from the area you really want to teach in (if you can) and try substituting for a year. It will give you a decently accurate idea of what it’s like to teach… then you can decide whether to move back and try for that credential… or go to grad school. I say move away, because, if you sub in the area you want to be… you run risk of being known as a substitute’lifer’ and finding difficulty getting a full time gig.

That’s it. That’s my first piece of advice. I know it’s groundbreaking stuff. Just hear my warning, if you don’t really want to teach there will be a lot of tears somewhere down the road… or you could write a blog like this as therapy.

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