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Year 4 Day 8- Shazbot.

by admin on August 28th, 2006

This will be Monday’s post. I started one for Friday which may or may not ever see the light of day. The best part about Friday is the kids convinced this girl that she could only get cell phone reception if she touched the flag pole. She was at the pole for 15 minutes holding on, talking on her phone. It was awesome. This is the same student who told the whole class she got tazered by a park ranger over the summer. I’d have paid $100 to see that.

Our number continue to rise here… they’re getting closer to the 150 student mark. My classes are bigger now than they’ve ever been. I have 28 in one class.

There is a faculty meeting today… should be a real treat. Monday was uneventful. Some teacher brought in these ethnic potsticker type things for lunch, they were very tasty.

I could have used some candy or doughnuts today though…

One of our elder teachers failed some kid on his assignment on Friday. He’d been in class for 10 minutes total (Friday was his first day) She said,
[teacher] You should be almost done with that…
[kid] I have 2 pages done
[teacher] well you should be just about done… .you get an F.
[kid] but, today is my first day…

She still failed him. The kid said to me, “I’m not madat her… but the black powder is definitely on the field.”

Whatever that means, it sounded funny. The teacher in question has been known to lose it a few times, and be found cowering under her desk. I predict a cowering in the next 3 weeks. Larger class sizes=larger stress= total melt down. The black powder is on the field as they say…

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