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Year 4 Day 5- Of pencils…and pain

by admin on August 23rd, 2006

Today is almost over, and thus will end half of the first week of this year.
today I wrote a letter to the fine folks at Dixon, the makers of all things pencil. It went down as follows.

Fine Folks at Dixon…

I have some Dixon #2 pencils. I use them in my class. They make me angry. While I am a fan of the’Ticonderoga’ pencils, I am not a fan of this 14402 model. Are they made with rotten wood? The box says, “These pencils are great for all your school/home/office writing needs.” I beg to differ. “Great” is not a word I would use for these pencils in any capacity. They break too easy, and when you sharpen them shards of rotten looking wood gets everywhere. Being as you’ve been ‘in the business since 1795’, I would assume you know this too.

I teach for a living. I am on a very strict budget. My school gave me 2 boxes of pencils to begin my year, and when they are gone, pencil costs come out of my paltry $300 yearly budget. The kids have openly mocked the 14402’s, and thusly either stolen or destroyed them. I have no idea what you can do about this, but I felt you it right to inform you. There aren’t many needs 14402s are ‘great’ for. Kids are not happy with these pencils. I suspect [but haven’t tried] that they make lousy camp fire kindling as well.

If you ever find yourself with extra’Ticonderoga’ pencils, or half used ones… could you send them my way… I would prefer to use them over the 14402s


I got this reply.

I am on vacation beginning Wednesday, Aug. 23, returning on Tuesday, Sept. 5. I
will be out of the country and unavailable during this time. Cindy Moss will be
happy to assist.

WTF? Is she harvesting wood for pencils? Well Cindy Moss…hopefull my message finds you well.

In other news, a student returned today from summer to inform me he had ‘gotten some art supplies, and an art container, and been drawin’ all summer long.’

[kid] wanna see some of my drawings?
[captain] uhm, sure
[kid] been drawng a lot
[captain] oh

he opens a sketch book and proceeds to show me a picture of a pot ‘bud’ he drew witht he phrase ‘does size matter’ written on it.

then he showed me a cartoon picture of Elvis, that looke nothing like Elvis.

Basically, he regressed.

another kid told me today,

[kid] I need to leave…I gotta see what those kids are lookin’ at
[captain] huh?
[kid] there’s a fire or sumptin’ there all looking at the sky.
[captain]there’s a fire in the sky?
[kid] huh no?
[captain] you just said they were looking at a fire in the sky
[kid] duh, why would there be a fire in the sky?
[captain] clouds. They burn
[kid 2] really?
[captain] yeah. lots of oxygen


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  1. Oh, the return of the product complaint letters! How I’ve missed them so.

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