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Year 4 Day 4- Captain ain’t nothin’ to F with.

by admin on August 22nd, 2006

Day 2 is round filed. Not much happened today. My classes seemed larger in a few instances, bur ROP started today, so other classes reduced in size considerably.
It wasn’t too bad.

There weren’t even any random stories or comments today. The best stories come farther into the year though, after they’ve gotten comfortable, and when I let them work without lecture.

Most of my art kids are currently going through the’captain, you’re a jerk.’ Phase… where I tell them their attempts at art’hurt my feelings’, and’make me wanna stab my eyes with salad tongs.’ They glare at me, then go back and try again.

Although, I did impress one kid today with my knowledge of the Wu-Tang Clan.

[captain] wow I like that shape, if you turn it, it kind of looks like a WU-Tang symbol. (the kid is a hip hop junkie)
[kid] oh. You a BIG Wu Tang fan?
[captain] not so much now, but I was in the day…
[kid]funny. I bet you don’t even know any of the members…
[captain] let’s see. Rza, Gza, Ghostface Killa, U-God, Method Man, Raekwon, Old Dirty Bastard… uhm is Inspectah Deck one?
[kid] you got them… all.
[captain] Good, just so we’re clear, on who really runs the show around here…
[kid] well I bet you don’t know the first 50 cent album’s title
[captain] you’re right, I said I was old school…plus 50 cent used to be a female.
[kid] what? W- hey, screw you man…

Then he returned to his seat. I love these kids for the fact they take a little extra time to get the dig on them… but they always do. Then they have the common decency to just go sit down, knowing their slow processing time doomed them.

In other news, I guess the OH is trying to get back in the program. He’s going to be denied. By Everyone. I love the incense burners, and really do want to see the progress on extreme makeover, crack house edition… but I just can’t endure him for a 3rd year.

Song in my head this morning- Mew- Zoo keeper’s boy (It’s like crack for the ears…I tell you)

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