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Year 4 Day 3- The end of the first day

by admin on August 21st, 2006

Day 1 is in the books. Wow. It bordered on chaos. There were 30 kids in the hallway waiting to register or get their schedule before first period. It was overwhelming.

The first day is usually pretty easy. Kids are somewhat excited to be back, and still numb to the whole school process?so they don?t act out too much. Although,

I did have a kid, in economics, who responded to my question- ?what are some things we NEED in life.? With this gem,

?A six pack of pu**y.?

Not really the comment I expected.

Many times I have excellent come backs ready?but due to their wording, I?m forced to keep them to myself. In this case, I wanted to say either, A) ?We?re talking about your life, not mine.? Or B) ?We?re discussing NEEDS, not ?NEVER HAVE?S??

Just so you all know, I was ready?I just had to settle for. ?uh…please try to be serious.?

Just to keep the fear in my students, I told them I?d spent the whole summer bench pressing Volkswagen bugs. They shuddered.

Some kids were also talking about ?Chuck Liddell?, The UFC fighter.

[Kid 1] Yeah Chuck is a bad ass?
[Kid 2] I met him!!!
[captain] Does he still have the 2 black eyes I gave him?
[Kid 1] ?you?re a moron
[captain]I?m a badass?FYI

I?ve found that by properly building ones fighting skills up?kids really never know if you?re full of crap or not.

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