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Year 4 Day #3- Gentle Ben, start your engine

by admin on August 21st, 2006

I’m here. There are many kids here. Many more than have been in the past. My class lists are very large. I screamed a little when I saw them. My prep is first period this session, which is alright…gives me time to prepare.

So this weekend, I attend a brew festival, and low and behold I saw oneof my students there…it’s not uncommon for me to run into students of mine at drinking events. They’re just usually legally able to be there…not CURRENTLY enrolled.

I had a brief conversation with said student.

[captain] well….I know you’re NOT old enough to be in here.
[student] (petrified) I-I-III I’m not drinking.
[captain] Oh…I see you just have that wristband for show.

and that was it, I turned and left.

Well, I’m going to go mentally prepare myself, see if I can get some folders without having to deplete my budget…

SONG OF THE MORNING: Mew-Zookeeper’s boy (The chorus in this song is like aural heroin, it’s way too addicitve.)

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