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Year 4 Day 2- If I could teach the whole whide world to be a thug in harmony…

by admin on August 18th, 2006

So the meeting this morning is now past. My impressions are as follows; I can say about 75% of the people wore their black shirts… which is about what I expected. The lack of applause for district reps, and overwhelming applause for our teachers provided palpable uneasiness with the superintendent, and board members. 2 of the board members left early. Our union rep, did a fantastic job of giving a speech made up entirely of quotes by the board members and superintendent on why they gave raises to a few district employees… and closed with our district motto. It was very well done, and left our superintendent gasping for a follow-up. Wisely, he chose to keep it brief, and mumbled something about continuing to look at budgets, and then excused everyone. I think the first battle would go to the teachers.

We’ve definitely tightened the screw a little, but the key will be continued slow tightening. We’ll see what happens.

Those nice things I said about my computer problems being resolved… .I take them all back. This thing is still a huge hunk of crap. Random funny observation of the morning; the whole IT dept. failed to stand during the National Anthem. Why? It solidifies some theories I have, that they may all be from another planet. Or it may just mean they have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Ever.

iWhat? People were standing? We sang a song? When? I did not see that part.i

My room is more or less in shape. I’d say it’s about 85% done. I’m currently waiting for the copy machine to free up so I can make some first day handouts… that’s it, then I’m done. Once again our principal has given us plenty of free time today to work in our rooms.

As an added feature this year, in addition to the hopeful addition of more drawings, I’m going to put down what song I had in my head when I woke up in the morning, and maybe someone would like to take the responsibility of seeing if there is any common theme to them. I’d say there appears no rhyme or reason to the songs that I wake up with in my head, but who knows.

TODAYS Song- Starman- David Bowie/Seu Jorge (I had this weird hybrid version going on…half-English/half-French).

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