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Year 4 Day 10- Blood in the water

by admin on August 30th, 2006

Today is blood drive part 1 for the year. We should be all screwed up and disorganized for the day. If I get pizza out of it all will be forgiven.

So today I’ll post my second piece of advice for new or prospective teachers.


If you’re bar guy who gets in fights every time you go out just because someone looked at you wrong. You probably should NOT get into teaching. I get looked at wrong on so many levels it’s staggering. I’ve been called every single name in the world. If I took it all to heart, and got pissed… I’d be in prison. Kids have this weird habit of just trying to assault you when they’re in a bad mood… looking for conflict, because for the most part (especially here) they thrive on conflict. If you engage in that behavior with them… you’ll probably lose. You’ve got to just figure out ways to ignore it, laugh it off, or turn it against them. I’ll get into more specific methods of dealing with it later, but here’s one example.

I was taking roll about 6 years ago. This huge kid w/ a shaved head walks in. He starts by trying to tell me what he’s going to do during the class,

[Bald bull] HEY, I’m going to go to PE this period.
[captain] No, you’re not we’ve got other stuff to do, plus their teacher said they didn’t need to have other students in their class.
[Bald bull] I’m still goin’
[captain] No, you’re not… but you can have a seat and pretend you are.
[Bald bull] you’re a c***sucker!
[captain] [totally deadpan not looking up from my roll] Really, I’m not. You’ve just go lousy information
[Bald bull] F** You! You’re a c***sucker!
[captain] you mentioned that. (still I’m totally calm… only now I’m making eye contact with him)
[Bald bull] Yeah… you’re a F’n c***sucker!
[captain] wait. are you referring to a rooster? If so, then maybe if battered and fried… I could be what you describe.

This is where the kid loses it screams a few F bomb laden obscenities, and leaves my room. I win. Was I mad… sort of, but I generally could care less if this kid insults my manhood or whatever… he’ll be hammering license plates for a living anyway. If I had gotten confrontational with him, he’d have gotten me riled… and maybe I’d have cracked him with a stapler or something. The kid ended up transferring out of my class, and within two weeks he got kicked out of school for being an a-hole.

I should mention though, the kid was big… and for a minute I was afraid he was going to smash my face in a rage.

The point is… no kid’s comments are ever worth taking to heart. Yes, we all have a few topics that set us off… .whether it’s your family, racism, mentally retarded jokes, or the fact your team missed the cover with 1.5 seconds left in a game by fouling… costing you a parlay. The point is know what those topics are for us, and we need to make sure conversation doesn’t go towards a topic that we may get more easily offended … or if you see it start to head there, change the topic. I would say it’s pretty easy 95% of the time. Mostly, I’m overly calm, and smooth. I’ve only lost it once… and that was because a kid pushed me down in a basketball game, I rolled my ankle, and then when I was on the floor, he said something about’what? can’t walk right.’

I got up, slammed his ass against the wall, and told him in no uncertain terms, I’d be happy to lose my job if he ever tried something like that again, and did he understand? He nodded his understandting.

Yes, I lost it, completely.

The other kids KNEW he deserved it, and were quiet, It wasn’t like, ‘oh crap the teacher just slammed that kid against the wall.’ they just said stuff to the kid like, “Dude… he was going to KILL you.” or “I told you not to stop pushing people… you dick.”

That was the only time I ever actually lost it, and I learned from it. Don’t get too serious in competition with the kids.

Tomorrow will be lesson #3…

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    So are you saying that people who kick seats in an arena should not be teachers?

  2. Captain permalink

    No I was just saying some people are “extra” sensitive regarding some topics…and they know what those topics are for them…so they should avoid discussing them with the kids…so they don’t get worked up and drop F bombs, or other profanity around small children.

    you know what I mean. For me it’s my kids, for some it might be a parlay killer…or special olympics…whatever.

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