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Year 3 Day 178-Updates

by admin on June 3rd, 2006

Well The 1.5% raise is still out there, and we’ll get to vote on it. We’re told to vote no, and let the district know that 1.5% is an insult…but still…$12 a month more is $12 a month.

I’ve also heard the Home school program that brings me constant joy on a daily basis, and enough home improvment tips to make me think I was on an episode of HGTV might be done for. I’ve heard they’re taking 2 teachers near retirement and putting them on the program full time. Funny but neither of the teachers mentioned in running that program could handle the O.H. He’d destory them, then let them smell his Eddie’s ghost incense.

I have not heard anything more on the job I applied for either…sometimes they wait for awhile after the application date for testing and graduation to be over, plus it’s not like someone can go into that school until the old guy is out.

If the district is taking away my home school, I’ll seriously consider moving on even more. I’d be one of about 15 teachers jumping ship this year. The war has gone to the papers too. One of the teachers leaving, who is an excellent coach, said she “wanted something more stable.”

hahah she’s so right.

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