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Year 3 Day 178- Dave, I’m afraid…

by admin on June 3rd, 2006

Well it looks like HAL 5000 or whomever runs our I.T. dept. has decided to forbid anyone from logging into anything…I’m not sure if it’s a ingenious way they feel will halt people from using outside mail sources, and doing things at work, they feel is unproductive…or if they’re really trying to keep the kids off of some place specific, and couldn’t figure out how to do that…so they just forbid people to log on to anything.

Whatever reasoning is behind it, all the teachers at our site are unable to do things like, check their mail (because, honestly, who uses the district mail anyway?) Check their bank accounts, log on to any site really.

It’s a pain in the ass….and it’s not allowing me to login to the captain site. Much has happened too.

At the O.H. I’ve seen #32-#40 in the past week. A few small kids, a few new guys hanging around “building” I’m sure. Actually, It seems they’ve added part of some cabinets in the kitchen, and some deck like thing in the back…as well as pushed all the furniture in the living room to the sides. I also noticed a cheesy internet camera outside pointed at the door, so someone inside can see who is at the door. The funny thing is that for something set up to provide a sneaky peak at the outside world it’s not set up well at all. It’s set up and attached to a computer in one of the rooms….you can follow the wires, that’s how I found out it existe, I saw wires on the ground, and found the camera (which anyone not wanting to be noticed could just point at the ground, or cut the wire)

It’s just more proof that I’m not dealing with the brightest coins in the casino. Monday I will ask the kid what the camera is for, I’m very curious to the “official” reason.

The other morning I was sitting around in my prep period, a few kids were in there avoiding their real first period teachers, and I didn’t really feel like kicking them out…so I let them stay. I overheard some funny conversations;

“Dude you’re just mad because ——- slept with your mom.”

We’re all aware of ‘your mama’ jokes…andI thought that this was what that was, so I chuckled.

“You laugh captain, but it’s true…I’m being serious.”

“He is.” chimed in the kid with the mama.

“———– mama has slept with everyone…”

“Not THAT many people…” snaps mama’s boy.

“DUDE, ——-, —–, ———-, and ——– I bet the captain has even tagged your mom.”

“I haven’t tagged his mom…trust me.”

“You could.” mama’s boy chuckles. “She is a whore.”

That provided the most interesting conversation so far this session. Thank God we only have 4 more days left. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle much more…and summer school would destroy me. We have the devil’s graduation on 6-06-06, followed by the “sober” graduation party, which I will attend in brief….then two days of kids STILL showing up, even though school has all but ended. One kid put it like this, “Hey it’s a lot easier to show up here, then stay at home…we can socialize and have fun here.”

I plan on doing essay’s all day for the remainder of the year…and really doing a lot of lecturing. I told them that, and it’s like they don’t believe it. We’ll have 75 kids the last two days. Kids with diplomas will still come back. I don’t get it.

One of the kids in the little criminals program (our community day school) caught a bathroom garbage on fire. Awesome. We’ve got some really outstanding potential students coming to us in the next few years. Their teacher got a gig in Korea for next year so he quit, and took the rest of his sick days for the remainder of the year. The substitutes cannot handle those kids…picture my students going through puberty and you’ve got a good idea on what that “job” requires. 8 kids have been suspended out of that room since he left. One kid was giving another kid a testie twister…which is funny. One set fires, another threatend the teacher, and a few more yet just have been resulting to old fashioned fist fights…no Reggie Evans like moves.

I’ll try and post once or twice more before the end of the year…for sure I’ll post my last thoughts on the year, but unless HAL decides to let me log-in to things, it won’t be from the helm of my ship.

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